Excel is changing the data I export from GivePanel, what can I do? V1

The way that excel opens files, it can sometimes mess with the data, and change it. This is down to a problem with Excel not with the GivePanel report builder. If you find the data in your excel sheet has been changed e.g. certain characters look different or unusual characters have been added in that shouldn’t be there, we have a solution.

We are working on a more permanent fix, but in the meantime this will resolve the problem: (Make sure the file you want to tidy is stored in a location on your computer that you can access easily.)
  1. Open a new Excel document, navigate to the Data tab and click the “Get Data” button, then “Legacy Wizards” then “From Text (Legacy)“. See “Turn on the legacy Tool” below if the option is not present.
  2. Select the CSV file that you want to clean and click “Import”. Once clicked, a new window will pop up. Click “Next”, and you will need to select the type of delimiter – please choose “comma” from the list. 
  3. Next, choose the “65001: Unicode (UTF-8)‘’ option from the File Origin dropdown and check “My data has headers”
  4. When you click “Finish” your file should now open and the data should be displayed correctly.
If you find you do not have the “From Text” option in Step 2 above, for example, Office 365 doesn’t; you will need to turn on something called the legacy tools. Once these have been turned on, you will need to repeat the steps above.

To turn on the legacy tools:
  1. Go to File > Options
  2. Select Data from the left panel of the new options window
  3. Click “Show legacy data import wizards” in the main panel and check the “from Text (Legacy)” tick box
  4. Click “Ok” and you should be able to complete step 2 above as the option ''From Text (Legacy)'' should now appear

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