Can I get the date when the data capture form was filled out

Fundraiser Form

The date the form was completed can be found under column name ''Fundraiser Details Added On'' in an export.

If you're exporting data on older fundraisers, the date completed field will be blank as the date stamp is only available for fundraisers who filled out the data capture form since we made this date completed field available in the export. 

Any fundraisers who completed a data capture form before we made it available to export, won't have the date stamp in export.

For ascertaining this date for the older fundraisers, we normally advise to use the start date of the Facebook Fundraiser.

This is because we find forms are usually filled out from within two weeks of the start date plus they can't have been filled out the form before the start date.

Event Form

The date the event form was completed can be found under the column title ''Registered On'' in an export in the registrations export.

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