FAQ for Custom Facebook Fundraisers (1-Click)

Our most frequently asked questions when it comes to Custom Facebook Fundraisers (1-click)

1] Q. Do the fundraisers that are created using a custom facebook fundraiser link come into our account instantly?

A. Yes

2] Q. Do the fundraisers created using the custom facebook fundraiser link have the associated event assigned to them when they arrive in GivePanel, in the fundraisers section?

A. Yes.

3] Q. If a fundraiser has been set up using a custom facebook fundraiser link, will the donations that the Facebook fundraiser receives come into GivePanel automatically?

A. Yes using realtime donations.

4] Q. I'd like to set up a Custom Facebook Fundraiser for a particular Facebook Challenge, where do I go to do this.

A. In account settings, under events, if you click on the event you would like to create a 1-click link for, within the event you will see a section called ''Custom Fundraiser Creation''

5] Q. I'd like to use custom facebook creation for a campaign that isn't a Facebook Challenge e.g. I'm running ads to recruit more birthday fundraisers, would it work for this?

A. With dynamic end dates you can! 

This functionality means you can run a rolling birthday fundraising recruitment campaign for example with the end date for the fundraiser being set dynamically based on when the Fundraiser page is actually set up e.g. you could set it to end 20 days after the fundraiser was created.

6] Q. Recommended Image Size for Custom Facebook Fundraisers

A. For the ''Charity Logo'' we recommend the same dimensions as your Facebook Page's profile picture - the easiest thing to do is to download your organisations Facebook Page profile picture and use this. At a minimum 170x170. Profile pictures are square.

For your Fundraiser Image (the cover banner image) we recommend 820px by 360px.

7] Q. How do I set Up Facebook Tracking for Custom Facebook Fundraisers

A. Please find more information on how to do this here.

8] Q. Can I Connect My GivePanel Account To More Than One Page

A. Not at the moment.

9] Q. If A Fundraiser Has Been Created Using A Custom Facebook Fundraiser Link, Can I Change The End Date By Changing The End Date Set In Account Settings.

A. Not at the moment, the best way to do this would be for the fundraiser to manually change the end date.