How To Use 1-Click

If you have integrated your nonprofits Facebook Page with your GivePanel account you can start to use 1-click.

Here's how to use it:

  1. Head to Account Settings
  2. Select Events
  3. Find the event that you would like to create 1-click for and select it.
  4. A drop down will appear and you will see a subheading called ''1-Click set up''
  5. Once you have selected ''1-Click set up'' you will now be able to pre-set the following parameters for your Facebook Fundraisers created using 1-click for this particular event: 
    1. Cover Image
    2. Fundraiser Title
    3. Fundraiser Description (about section)
    4. Fundraiser End date
    5. Fundraiser Target
  6. Once happy click save and you're done. Your new 1-click link for this specific event can be found next to ''1-Click set up''
  7. To generate the link, click the small pink square in line with ''Fundraiser Setup Link''

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