How to upload a single day of data directly from Facebook

To enable a single day import from Facebook, you need to integrate your organizations Facebook page with GivePanel first.

There are some countries where this won't work at the moment, this is pending Facebook to enable the functionality. This includes: Australia, Canada.

Once you have integrated your GivePanel account with your Facebook page, here are the steps for importing a days worth of data from Facebook.

1) Select Upload Data

2) Select ''Facebook Import''

3) Select the date that you would like to import data for and then click ''Import now''

Red dots in the calendar mean there is no data in your account for this date and green dots mean you have data in your account for this date. There is a slight time delay in Facebook making the transaction data available, typically this is a one day delay.

4) That will process and once complete you will see the following success message. Close the box.

5) The final step is to select refresh at the top of your page. 

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