Integrating With Zapier

Please note this is currently in Alpha and only available to a few non profits who are helping us to test this new feature.

What Will It Do

When turned on, the Zapier Integration will automatically populate a google sheet with data you have received from an event form. e.g. your organisation might be running a Facebook Challenge and you could be capturing registrations for that event using a GivePanel event form. These registrations e.g. the registrants name, address etc. can be ''Zapped'' into a Google sheet.

Here Are The Steps For Getting Started:

1) GivePanel will enable the integration in your account.

2) You can then activate this on an event of your choice.

3) Whether you're creating a new event or would like to integrate Zapier into an event that has already been created in your account, this can be done by heading to the event and selecting ''Integrate with Zapier?''

4) That's it, you're done! GivePanel will then provide you with your own google sheet where the information captured from your chosen event form will be zapped into.

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