GDPR and GivePanel


Compliance with GDPR is a top priority for GivePanel and our customers. We are fortunate that we started development on GivePanel after GDPR came in to force. As a company based in Europe (the UK) we are fully aware of GDPR compliance, both on behalf of our charity clients and our own company. We have therefore built GivePanel from the ground up to be GDPR compliant.

Our Approach

We subscribe to the ‘data protection by design’ philosophy and therefore make data protection an essential component of the core functionality of our processing systems and services.

Data Storage

GivePanel runs on Google Firebase, which was chosen by us, in part, because of their commitment to GDPR and security. Using Google Cloud we have full control of the location of where data is stored. Even though storing data inside the EU is not a requirement of GDPR (GDPR sets forth certain conditions for the transfer of personal data outside of the EU) we have decided to store all EU customer data in the EU. 

Your contract will be with GivePanel and the terms and conditions (which include GDPR provisions) can be found here. Further information about Google Cloud's approach to security and GDPR can be found here.

Marketing Consent

Mostly you will be uploading existing data from Facebook, for which you have a separate agreement with Facebook. When you use GivePanel to acquire new fundraising data (e.g. by using our fundraiser data capture form feature) you will be fully responsible for any GDPR consent language for which you will have full customisation abilities of this consent text.

Right to be Forgotten

We are aware under GDPR (specifically the right to be forgotten) that you will need to be able to delete either individual data records or all your data. Currently, we have a process in place where this can be done via a support request (either live chat or email) within 48 hours. We have already placed in our roadmap features that will give your charity admins the ability to do this themselves and we plan to develop them soon.

Further Questions

We understand how important GDPR compliance is for charities, especially in the UK and so if you have any further questions, please contact

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