How to Message Fundraisers with GivePanel

Step 1 - Find the Fundraiser 

Find the fundraiser you want to message in the Fundraiser tab in GivePanel.

Step 2 - Click the pink 'Message' button

Click the pink 'Message' button and choose a template. (If you haven't set up a template, you'll need to do that first in account settings. Here you can set up a message template with or without a link to the data capture form). When you click the template title from the drop down in the Message button it will open the fundraiser's Facebook fundraising page and copy and paste the message template to your clipboard.

Step 3 - Paste the message as a post on their page. Not a direct message.

Your message template will now be on your PC's clipboard so you can now paste it as a post on their fundraising page (on their "wall"). We advise that you don't DM (direct message) fundraisers. Make sure you post on the page as your charity page.

Here is a good examples of posts on fundraiser pages:

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