Feature list

  • Easily upload your Facebook data and see it all in once place in a manageable format
  • See which fundraisers are new much quicker than they appear on Facebook front end (if they appear at all!)
  • Thank 100% of your Fundraisers by messaging them on their Fundraising page, saving time using our dynamic message templates
  • Capture data for your fundraisers by dropping in a link to our Integrated Data Capture form in the thank you message. For example, one non profit is acquiring hundreds of fundraisers every month using this method (around 40% of all fundraisers)
  • (new feature) See who has added your Donate Button to their Facebook posts. You can find some amazing influencer fundraisers using this new tool
  • Enrich Facebook data with labels, events and internal codes
  • Export all this data to CSV files so you can import it into your CRM
  • See instagram donations with one click
  • Easily see which donors (not fundraisers) clicked yes to being added to your email list and export their emails to import into your email list
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