How to create a registration form for your Facebook fundraising event

The Registrations feature in GivePanel is new and at the moment is by request only. Therefore you may not see it in your account. Please contact support to request this feature.

  • Go to Account Settings > Forms
  • Click "Add New Form" button
  • Change Type to "Request Event Registration"
  • Customize your form
  • Click "Submit" button to save your form
  • Go to Account Settings > Events
  • Either create a new event or click on an existing event
  • There is a drop down on the right hand side to choose your Registration form
  • Once you have select your form click the small pink button with a "copy" icon to copy the URL of the form to your clipboard
  • You can now paste that URL where you want to (ie in a Facebook Group welcome post for your event)
  • You can see records created from Event Registration forms under "Registrations" on the main left hand menu

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