How does GivePanel match Registrations with Fundraiser data?

The Registrations feature in GivePanel is new and at the moment is by request only. Therefore you may not see it in your account. Please contact support to request this feature.

  • In the Registrations area above the list of Registration data you will see a button that says "Update Matches" (please note: you will only see this button if you have registration data for the date period you have chosen)
  • When you click this button you will be given a drop down choice of which event you want to "Update Matches"
  • Select the event under the "Update Matches" button and GivePanel will go through each Registration for that event in the date period you have selected and using a proprietary algorithm we have developed match Registrations with their Facebook Fundraisers (please note: it only finds matches for registrations on the dates you have selected)
  • The proprietary algorithm for matching looks for fundraisers with a start date ranging from 5 days before registration to 5 days after registration
  • When a Match is found you can see an icon is present in the "Fundraiser Match" in the Registrations 
  • You can use the pink Filter button above the list of Registrations in the Registrations Area to filter by Matched or "Not Matched Yet" registrations
  • GivePanel merges the data from the Registration record onto the fundraiser record and creates a link between the two records (you will also see a pink button with the fundraiser campaign ID on the registration record)
  • GivePanel will also add the event the registration was associated with to the fundraiser record.
  • You will see a gold star on the Fundraiser record indicating that the fundraiser has contact data
  • You can now export Fundraiser data for the event using Report Builder

If you think a Registration should have been matched to a Fundraiser and it has not been please let us know by contacting support.

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