What should you do with Donate Button Posts?

GivePanel shows you people who have added your Donate Button to their Facebook post. We call this "Donate Button Posts" and you will see this term on the main left hand menu of GivePanel.

Donate Button Post Limitations

There are some limitations with Donate Button Posts you should know about:

  1. Most Donate Button Posts are private - when a user posts in Facebook the default is that their posts will only be seen by their friends. This means that most of the time when someone adds your donate button to their post you are unable to see it. Unfortunately you will never know who this person is.
  2. You can't comment as your Charity Page - if you do find a public Facebook post where someone has added your donate button you can't comment as your Charity Page, only as a personal Facebook account/profile. The one exception to this is if the donate button has been put out from a page e.g. a corporate partner from their Facebook Page, then you can comment as your Facebook Page.

So what should you do?

Here are some recommendations of how we think you should use this feature:

  1. Focus on the larger Donate Button Posts. To do this set a wide date range (say 1 month) and then sort the columns for the amount raised or the number of donors to find the Donate Button posts that have raised the most by the most amount of donors. These are more likely to be "public".
  2. Click on the Donate Button Post to reveal the record and click the "Visit Post" button. If it's private apply a label (something like "Private"). If it's public then apply a label for that (something like "Public")
  3. If it's a public Donate Button Post have a look at the fundraiser and see if it's someone you feel is worth following up. Sometimes you can find influencers that you are able to reach on other platforms like Linked In or Twitter. You might also feel it is worth someone in your organisation reaching out personally on Facebook.

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