Having your own data agreement with GivePanel

GivePanel terms can be found at the bottom of our Sign up page and also here.

These terms and conditions should include all the things you need in a contract for an online platform like GivePanel. If there is something you need changed in the terms we are open to feedback so please contact support@givepanel.com if you would like any element of the terms reviewed.

Having standard terms for all our customers in multiple countries is one of the things that allow us to keep costs down. When your charity uses tools like MailChimp or Facebook it does so using standard terms and conditions. To have a separate agreement (which we have to review of course) with each charity in multiple countries (that may also need to be updated from time to time) would require extra resource and therefore enterprise pricing levels. 

At the same time, we understand the rules are changing and GDPR has had a big effect on how you (as a charity) have to operate. This may include you needing to have your own agreement in place with certain suppliers and also have detailed due diligence around data.

Therefore we are able to process your own DPA for a £250 + VAT charge that covers our legal expenses. Please contact support@givepanel.com to arrange this.

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