Facebook has blocked me - what should I do?

If you have been posting a lot of messages on Facebook fundraiser pages you may have experienced being "locked out" or blocked by Facebook.

This is how we understand it (however we do not know for sure as we are not Facebook!)

  • Facebook has many complicated systems for suspecting accounts of spam. The only real way we can avoid this is to act as much like humans as possible (and not like a spam bot)
  • Once you get banned you get locked out. We think this means you account has been flagged and means you are more likely to get flagged in future. We think each time the ban happens you get locked out for longer and longer. We think it may even eventually lead to your whole Facebook account (your personal one) being banned for life (please note we have not seen this

Our current advice

  • Every 10 to 20 messages do something different on Facebook and enjoy your newsfeed for a minute
  • Do under 50 messages per hour
  • Do under 300 messages per day 
  • Take regular breaks
  • If you have been banned leave it as long as you can before starting again

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