Why is the total donation amount different to the total fundraiser amount in GivePanel reporting?

This is a common question.

Donation totals look at the transactions in a specific selected date range (as you would expect)

However fundraiser totals are slightly different. Fundraiser totals typically looks at ALL the transactions for fundraisers that have a start date within the selected date range and therefore may include donations outside the date range

For example a fundraiser starting on the last date of the date range may have raised money from donations after this date that are included in the total. For this reason the donation totals in GivePanel may differ to the fundraiser totals on the dashboard, fundraiser section and in reports too.

Think of it this way...

  • Imagine you have a date range like 1st to 30th September.
  • Now imagine you have a fundraiser that starts on 30th September
  • The fundraiser raises €50 on 30th September and €50 on 1st October
  • The Donation report for 1st to 30th September will show €50
  • The Fundraiser report for 1st to 30th September will show €100

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