Applying labels and events to Facebook fundraisers for Facebook events (eg Facebook Challenges)


Each Facebook fundraiser in GivePanel can be assigned an event. This is a critical step since you will then be able to report on fundraisers and donations for individual events.

When you use GivePanel for event registrations we are able to match Facebook fundraisers to these registrations and when this happens the event is automatically updated.

For those fundraisers that can't be matched to an event we recommend you update the event manually as you go through and message them.


As well as events you may want to label each fundraiser. The only real advantage of doing this is that it is easier to see labels on each fundraiser in the fundraiser table.

As you should be coding each fundraiser with an event (see above) we recommend if you use labels to labels fundraisers for events that you avoid specific event names and use high level labels for "fb challenge" and "birthday" to avoid the build up of too many labels over time.

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