A quick guide to users

How do I add more users

  1. Head to account settings
  2. Navigate to users
  3. Click 'invite new users' and add the email and name of the colleague you would like to have an account
  4. They will receive an email with instructions on how to create their own login

How many users can I have 

Unlimited! You can have as many agent / admin accounts.

What is the difference between admins and agents

The only difference between admin and agents is admins can invite other colleagues to have a login in your organisations account whereas agents can't. In the future we will be creating more granular control over who can access what.

A member of the team has left the organisation, how do I remove them from GivePanel

At the moment, you will need to create a support request to support@givepanel.com. In the message, please let us know the name of the staff member, the email address and we will remove their account. In the future you will have the functionality to do this yourself.

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