Can I add an image automatically to my (Facebook post) message template?

You may be thinking you want to add an image to your Facebook posts when you post on Facebook fundraiser pages. It's an obviously good idea right?

First let us tell you that we have found through extensive testing with Managed Service clients that adding an image reduces impact of the "on page" message. So whether it is responses to a data capture form or whether it is a message with some tips to uplift average raised per fundraiser an image reduces results. We have never found an image that outperforms "no image" in a test. 

We think this is because the image distracts from the text and therefore the text gets read less. 

If you are desperate to add an image there are a couple of options: 

Option 1 - If you are using a GivePanel data capture form you can insert an image in the link preview for the form (settings under the form settings for each form).

Option 2 - you can insert your own link in the message template that has a link preview image associated with it.

Option 3 - you add the image once you're on the fundraiser page (before you click post)

Still have questions? Please submit a ticket to or contact your dedicated CSM.