Can I bulk add data to fundraisers in GivePanel e.g. labels, internal codes on mass

It is on the roadmap to launch this as functionality in your account but at the moment, you will need to contact with a CSV file that includes the following so we can do this for you:

  • A column for the Campaign IDs. When we bulk upload values e.g. labels to multiple fundraiser records in GivePanel, we need the campaign ID (which is a unique identifier for each fundraiser) to know which fundraiser we are applying which values too e.g. which labels.
  • A column for each value e.g. one column for labels if it is labels you would like us to  bulk update for you, a column for internal codes (please title these columns clearly with what they are e.g. Labels, Internal Codes)

We think the best way to prepare this file is to export a list of the fundraisers you would like us to update for you from GivePanel and include the campaign IDs.

Now you have your list of fundraisers and their campaign IDs, you can easily add in another column with the required values for bulk uploading.

Please note, the value e.g. labels, internal codes that you would like bulk added, need to already be set up in your account. 

If you have problems with Excel corrupting campaign IDs, please find our help article about this here.