Fundraiser End Dates

Can we get the end dates of fundraisers in GivePanel?

The end date of a Facebook fundraiser can be changed by the fundraiser any time while the fundraiser is active. Therefore the end date is dynamic. 

Probably for this reason Facebook do not provide the end date in the Facebook transaction date (as it might change at a later date)

Of course it would be VERY useful to have this date and GivePanel would make it a top priority if it was technical possible. 

We do know that "most" fundraisers end 14 days after the start date. This is the default end date and is not often changed by the fundraiser. You can use this information for your fundraiser engagement strategy. For example, knowing that most fundraisers end 14 days after the start date means we often post a 2nd message on a fundraiser page at day 10. 

We also know a Facebook fundraiser can't last more than 90 days. So all fundraisers older than 90 days will definitely be ended.