Contacting Facebook's Concierge Service When You Have An Issue

If you're having an issue with the Facebook fundraising tools, Facebook will be the best people to look into this for you.

You can log any issue you are having with Facebook Charitable Giving Tools to the team at Facebook directly. You can do this via the Facebook Concierge

You will need to be an admin of your Facebook page to access the concierge link. When visiting the link, you first need to check in Facebook that you’re active as your individual profile and not your Facebook Page. To check this, at the top right of your account if you see your charities logo, you are currently active as your page. 

When active as your Facebook individual profile, the concierge link takes you to a FAQs page. You can change this by toggling the options in the top right of the page and selecting ”switch to your name”.

Screenshot of the home screen on Facebook. There is a drop-down menu on the right hand side from the profile section. An arrow is pointing towards where the Facebook page logo is located to show if a user is active as an individual or as a Facebook page.

Once active as your individual profile, the concierge link should then take you to a page that looks like the screenshot below. You might need to switch back and forth between your page and individual profile a couple of times and perform a
hard refresh if you don’t see the below screen.

Screenshot of the Get Help section on Meta's website. The page shows a search bar that users can search for assets by name or ID. There is a drop down menu to filter this by Ad account, Facebook page, Business Manager, Instagram account, Commerce Manager or All asset types. We have selected Facebook page.

Here, you should be able to select your page and submit a ticket which will generate a Job ID.