Does GivePanel show zero (no donation) fundraisers?

Does GivePanel show zero (no donation) fundraisers?

No and here's why:

Facebook reporting is still based on transactions (not fundraisers). Therefore if a fundraiser does not have any transactions it does not exist in Facebook reporting. 

GivePanel is based on Facebook reporting (even as we integrate with their reporting API). So unless Facebook change the fact the way they report, we will never see zero donation fundraisers in GivePanel. We do not think Facebook will change this.

Please also bear in mind that a VERY high % of zero donation fundraisers soon get their first donation and can then be seen in GivePanel where they can be messaged, labelled and coded.

The exception to this is when using our Custom Fundraiser Creation (1-Click) page, where most of these Fundraisers will come straight into your account despite having no donations, but will still need their donations added via the Single Day Importer or via a Transaction Report.