Email Journeys

How do I set up emails within GivePanel?

About Email Journeys.

This feature allows you to schedule simple emails to event participants based on "triggers" such as "registration", "event start date", "fundraiser match found" etc and time. 

So for example, you could set up an email to be sent "10 days after event start date to registrations if fundraiser match NOT found" or "1 day after registration to all registrations". 

How Does It Work?

Set Up Process

  1. Complete the short "Email domain setup" form this should be completed by the person / team who look after your IT.
  2. When we receive the completed form and everything looks good we will authenticate you with our email provider SendGrid to make sure the delivery rates are really good. You will receive an email from SendGrid to authenticate your email. You do not need to set up a SendGrid account. Once you have clicked the link in the authentication email from SendGrid let support @ know.
  3. We will also set up something called domain authentication using the domain name server and domain you send from, when we add this information into SendGrid it will create something called DNS records that your organisation will need to process by submitting these to your DNS / Hosting provider, once done we can then verify this for you and once completed we would let you know.
  4. We will then turn on the Email Journeys feature in your account and let you know that it is all working fine.
  5. You set up your emails and check in with us via support @ to check everything is ok before your emails go live.

Other Things To Note

  • We use SendGrid behind the scenes to send our emails. As per our terms with you please see the sub processor notice here
  • At the moment you do NOT need a SendGrid account. It is GivePanel who will have a SendGrid account, this might change in the future. 
  • Other than authenticating your email with SendGrid one time on set up, SendGrid will be invisible to you. This may change in the future and we may ask you to sign for your own SendGrid account.
  • If you have a supporter who unsubscribes from an email journey and then wants to re subscribe, this can be actioned by emailing support @ with the email address and name of event.
  • What is domain authentication, SendGrid's explanation: ''Email service providers distrust messages that don't have domain authentication set up because they can not be sure that the message comes from you. Explicitly stating that it comes from you increases your reputation with email service providers which makes it much less likely that they will filter your mail and not allow it get to your recipient's inbox, which increases your deliverability.''

What Time Do Emails Send

Aside from emails that have the triggers when: 0 days (Immediately) & trigger: After Registration which send immediately, the time that emails send will now differ depending on which country you are based in.

  • US - 4pm BST
  • AUS - 12am BST
  • UK & Europe - 11am BST

If you would like to customise the time that emails are sent, please contact who can arrange this for you.

Email Retry

If an email doesn't send, there is now an automatic retry that will try to send the email again an hour later. If this doesn't work, it will retry a maximum of two times before alerting our engineering team there is an issue who can then investigate this further. The support team would then contact you to let you know and to make a plan.