Excel is changing the campaign ID in my excel file

The way that excel opens files, it can sometimes mess with the data, and change it. This is down to a problem with Excel not with the GivePanel report builder. If you find the data in your excel sheet has been changed e.g. certain characters look different or unusual characters have been added in that shouldn’t be there, we have a solution.

We are working on a more permanent fix, but in the meantime this will resolve the problem: (Make sure the file you want to tidy is stored in a location on your computer that you can access easily.)

Open excel, and in the data tab under "Get External Data" click "From Text" and select the CSV file exported from GivePanel.

The wizard that appears will let you tell Excel the data type of each "column" and here you will want to choose "text" for the Campaign ID column.

This way you can edit the file in excel without running the risk of the campaign IDs changing.