Facebook Pages Changing From Classic View to New Pages Experience

Meta is in the process of changing over all nonprofit Facebook pages from Classic to New Pages Experience (NPE)

Firstly, don’t worry! Over 100,000 pages have switched over in the last six months, and there are tons of resources to help you navigate the switch and the new page layout. Our advice is to prepare as best as possible before changing over and we have some tips and help articles below to guide you through. We advise reading our FAQs ahead of switching over so you know what to expect.

Hopefully you will find these resources helpful in your preparation for the changeover to New Pages Experience. In the transition if you come across an issue that isn’t covered in these FAQs or resources, please get in touch with support@givepanel.com and we can do our best to help.


Q: How will I know our page is ready to migrate to NPE? 

Meta will be communicating with nonprofit admins from 14 February and inviting you to change over to NPE. This should be done via your Facebook Support Inbox.

Q: Will page permissions change?

Meta have released lots of advice to address potential questions about page management and permissions. 

Q: What changes can I expect?

  • Redesigned layout that's simpler and more intuitive
  • Dedicated News Feed to discover and join conversations, follow trends, interact with peers and engage with supporters
  • Centralised fundraising tools, all your fundraising and donation tools regrouped in one location
  • Easy navigation between personal profile and pages
  • Updated task-based admin controls giving trusted page admins full control or partial access
  • Actionable insights and more relevant notifications
  • Safety and integrity feature to detect spammy content and impersonator accounts
  • Read more on the Introducing the New Pages Experience for Nonprofits blog post

Q: Where will I access the Fundraising tools in NPE?

You will no longer access your Fundraising area via Publishing - it will have a new home. Find out more in the New Pages Experience for Nonprofits Booklet (PDF) available for download at the bottom of the page

With the new page experience your Facebook Multi Day Transaction reports will move too. Here is how to find them.

When thanking fundraisers, a User's personal profile is selected by default, which won't have the permission to post any messages. You will need to switch profiles to your charity page which will cause the "Write Something" box to appear. There is a dropdown that can be used for switching profiles, if your organisation's page name isn't showing in the dropdown, you might need to speak with the person who looks after your page and check you have the right permissions since the switch over.

Q: What will happen to my Page Likes and Follows in the change over?

Page Likes will not be listed in NPE - here’s some information About Likes and Follows for New Pages Experience.

Q: What is the Meta Business Suite?

Meta Business Suite lets you manage all of your connected accounts across Facebook and Instagram in one place. This Help Center article is a helpful resource on all matters related to the Facebook Business Suite.

Q: Is there a step-by-step guide on exactly what to expect when we change over to NPE?

Check out this training deck (PDF) (found at the bottom of the page) that has everything you need to know about how to change over, what it will look like, some key best practises to implement when you switch over, how to add a partner or agency to your page, and much more.

Q: If I get stuck, is there somewhere I can get support?

Check out this Help Center article where you can search for information about the switch. You can also read the New Pages Experience FAQs where there’s ton of questions that have been asked and answered.