FAQ for Integrating GivePanel with your Charity Facebook Page

Our most frequently asked questions for integrating GivePanel

Q. Do I need to be an admin of my nonprofits Facebook page and GivePanel account to set this up?

A. Yes. Please find steps here for updating your Facebook page permissions.

Q. How can I tell that my Facebook Page has linked to GivePanel successfully?

A. In account settings, under Integrations, the Facebook logo should turn blue and under it should say ''Connected'' in green.

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Q. Will 1-Click improve the matching between registrations and fundraisers?

A. Supporters that create a fundraiser and register for your challenge using a ''Event Registration with 1-Click'' their registration and fundraiser will match automatically as it comes into your GivePanel account.

Q. Why is the Connect to Facebook button greyed out?

A. The integration needs to be an admin in your GivePanel account, if this section is greyed out it means you aren't an admin of your GivePanel account.

Q. What in GivePanel is dependent on the integration being successfully connected?

A. If the integration isn't active, you won't be able to import data via the single day importer.

A. If there has never been an integration, you won't be able to utilise our 1-click / custom facebook fundraiser functionality