GivePanel SMS Beta

This feature allows you to send SMS messages to everyone who registered for your event with a domestic mobile phone number.

For example, 5 days before an event is due to start, you could send an SMS message reminding everyone who registered to activate their fundraising page. 

GivePanel SMS is in Beta or Early Access, because we are actively building it with our customers.

Charities from the US, the UK, Ireland and Australia can join our SMS Beta program.

We will update this article each time we extend to a new region to include it in the list above.

How Does It Work?


Budgeting for SMS Beta

Our SMS Beta will help you better engage everyone who registers for your events and deliver a return through more people making the decision to fundraise as a result. However, it has an associated unit cost because of mobile carrier charges.

Indicative Pricing, subject to change:


Cost per SMS *

Minimum Order


$0.05 AUSD

$600 AUSD


€0.07 EURO

€600 EURO

United Kingdom



United States of America

$0.008 USD

$400 USD

*Cost per SMS differs because of mobile carrier rates

Budget for using our SMS Beta as part of an upcoming event with this simple formula:

Budgeted Cost = Projected Registrants * Unit Cost per SMS * Unique Messages 

How Quickly Can You Use SMS Beta?

  1. Our SMS Beta will require pre-paying credit to cover the full intended volume of use for an event. So it is important to plan and budget accordingly.
  2. Once you complete the set up outlined below, the earliest we can activate SMS Beta for your account is Monday 12th December 2022.

Getting Set Up with SMS Beta

  1. Complete our SMS Beta application form:
  2. When we receive notification of the completed form and everything looks good, we will schedule a quick call.
  3. You’ll receive a sample content plan and guidelines for SMS, and an invoice for the SMS credit required for your event.
  4. Once the invoice is paid by your organization, we’ll add the credit to your account and enable your SMS Beta.

How does Reporting display for SMS Beta?

For every SMS sent, you will see the total count of SMS sent, SMS delivered and resulting SMS opt-outs. Discovering and returning the click-through rate on a link from an SMS message is more difficult. But we hope to include that statistic next in our reporting.

What Time Are SMS Beta Messages Sent?

Your SMS messages will be sent manually by you at your preferred time to everyone registered for the event so far. We are developing automated journeys but if you need them now, we can put you in touch with our partners at Conversr. Just contact your Customer Success Manager for an introduction.

Can you only text people who opt in to SMS marketing?

The function of marketing opt-in on GivePanel registration forms is to ask consent for general marketing on your charity’s mission, outside of the event itself. The use case is to increase lifetime value.

When it comes to contacting registrants about the event they’re registering for, the basis for communication is not consent. The basis in data protection law is legitimate interest. 

You have a legitimate interest in contacting people about an event for which they have first, signed up and second, registered to participate in.

You can send everyone who registered for the event an SMS about the event itself. To send an SMS to these people informing them about another appeal or another event, you need their consent to be contacted for general marketing.

How can people opt out of receiving SMS?

GivePanel SMS Beta will handle opt-outs automatically. If people text back keywords like STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE or CANCEL, they will be opted out of receiving further SMS messages from you on GivePanel SMS.

You just need to include a prompt in your SMS when sending, reminding recipients to Text STOP to unsubscribe.

You will be able to see the number of people who choose to opt out from receiving further SMS marketing per SMS sent.

How can people re-subscribe to receiving SMS?

GivePanel SMS Beta will handle re-subscribes automatically. If people text back keywords like START, UNSTOP or YES, they will be re-subscribed to further SMS messages from you on GivePanel SMS.

You do not need to include a prompt in your SMS when sending, because this information is only relevant to people who have opted out. So it is better to sign post this information where people who have opted out of SMS will receive it. For example, the Facebook Group, or GivePanel Emails.