GivePanel's Reporting API

You can utilize GivePanel's Reporting API to export data out of your account into other platforms, such as your CRM.

In order to use GivePanel's API, you will need to email requesting access.

The support team will then enable the Reporting API in your account. 

Once the support team has confirmed the API is enabled in your account, you can then generate the API key by heading to Account Settings > Integrations > Reporting API.

Please note, the API Key is valid for 6 months. After this, a new one will need creating using the ''Generate new key'' button.

Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 20.43.44

It is likely you will also need your organization's unique GivePanel Account ID for integrating with systems such as your nonprofit's CRM. This is also something the support team can provide you with. 

Our API documentation can be found here.

There is a page size limit that limit's each request to 500 rows.