How does Fundraiser Matching on GivePanel work?

Fundraiser Matching is the term we use for the process of matching event registrations with Facebook Fundraisers in GivePanel.

This feature can be found by clicking the blue "Find Fundraisers to match to registrations" button in the Registrations area.

When you click into the Match Fundraisers area you will see a table of all your fundraisers with a row for each and an easy label in green that tells you whether the fundraiser has been or not. By default we filter out birthday fundraisers and those that have already been matched for you but you can undo this by clicking the "Filters" button. 

Automated Matching

Based on customer feedback we have now put this feature back into the user interface so that automated matching can be run on-demand by charity admins. 

You will see a button above the Fundraiser table that says "Run Automated Matching". When this button is clicked you will then need to select the event you would like to run the matching for. It will go through all the fundraisers and attempt to find event registrations for each fundraiser and create matches. You should always use this button first before doing manual matching since it will save you time.

Please note, our update to matching (December 2020) means there is no longer a limit and it isn't influenced by the date filter. However, Automated Matching will search for Registrations made within 32 days of the Event Start Date. If a Registration is more than 32 days prior to the Event Start Date, it will not be included.

Manual Matching

Not every fundraiser will be able to be matched to a registration by GivePanel's algorithm. In these cases you can look for possible registrations and match them manually. Do this by clicking on the fundraiser. You will then see fundraiser details on the left and "Possible registrations" on the right. By default the Possible registrations looks at registrations several days before and after the fundraiser start date.

If you can't find a registration in this list then you can click the "Expand Date Range" button which will look for registrations 60 days before and after the fundraiser start date. 

When you find a registration you want to match with the fundraiser you are on, simply click the "Match to Fundraiser" action in the registration row. 


In the same way you can match fundraisers manually you can also un-match them manually.

Will the automated matching over-write our manual matching?
No never. As soon as you have made a manual match (or un-match) our automated algorithm will ignore this fundraiser going forward.

Does Fundraiser Matching still run every night or do I have to select the button when I want to find matches?
Currently clicking "Update Matches" button is the only way that the system creates matches and so matches are no longer run every night.  

Has anything changed about the Export to CSV report for Registrations?

Why is matching not working?

Have you checked the event start date? If this is greater than 30 days into the future, the matching algorithm won't pick up any registrations outside of 30 days.