How GivePanel uses Meta Pixels

Quickly understand how Meta Pixels work, how GivePanel can show you the data collected by them, and how you can use this data to improve your Facebook Ads.

For a lot of GivePanel customers, Facebook Ads are one of the main ways to recruit new fundraisers for their organization. But, in an increasingly competitive environment, it is becoming more important to ensure Facebook Ad budgets are being spent effectively. This is why Meta created the Meta Pixel.

This article will help you understand the role of Meta Pixels in your Facebook Fundraising events and campaigns, and how you can use Meta Pixels and GivePanel to improve your Ad efficiency on Facebook and Instagram.

What is a Meta Pixel and what is it used for?

Simply put, a Meta Pixel is a code snippet that can be added to any app and is predominantly used on websites. This code can track actions taken on your site, button clicks on registration forms, donations to a fundraiser, and much more. Its aim is to help you better understand the effectiveness of your advertising, and ensure that your Ads reach the people most likely to take action. 

However, the data that it tracks is anonymized and, in fact, there is no way to directly access it. A Meta Pixel collects raw data that cannot be exported or saved, which is aggregated and completely anonymized. This data cannot be accessed by any 3rd parties, so you can track how many people clicked to activate a fundraiser on your form, all whilst knowing that your data is completely safe and unbreachable.

You can find more information on Meta Pixels on the Meta website.

How does GivePanel handle Meta Pixels and its data?

GivePanel can use a Meta Pixel to pass data from the GivePanel app to your Facebook Ads Manager in a completely safe and unbreachable way. By doing this, our nonprofit customers can view the total number of fundraising pages created for a Facebook Challenge that you are advertising in Facebook Ads Manager, you can see which Facebook Ads are driving the most fundraisers for your charity, and you can optimize to target your Ad spend on the best-performing ads.

Because GivePanel is the app being used to create the registration forms and fundraisers, we need to install the code snippet on our app, rather than on your website. However, because the tracking is set up per form and per charity, each organization will see their own tracking data separately. There is no cross-contamination or sharing of data as each charity customer is set up in an isolated instance. This works in the same way that charities don’t experience cross-contamination for registration or fundraiser data, even though they all use the same GivePanel app!

How do we ensure data privacy and integrity with Meta Pixels and GivePanel?

The best thing about Meta Pixels is that they automatically aggregate and anonymize data. They also fully encrypt it from all 3rd parties, so it’s completely impossible to directly access, export, or save individual data from a Meta Pixel.

By using GivePanel, you can view your tracking data on conversions in your own Facebook Ads Manager such as how many people hit ‘submit’ on one of your forms. And, whilst our customers are using the Meta Pixel code snippet in our app, you’ll only be seeing conversions for your campaigns.

How do we ensure that customer data is not being shared across GivePanel?

As one of the major social fundraising apps for charities worldwide, we have to isolate donation, registration, and fundraiser data in our database for each individual charity. And this is the same for the Meta Pixel.

For fundraiser conversions, for example, we isolate the registration button clicks to activate a fundraiser per form and per charity, and pass that information back to the charity’s Facebook Ads Manager account. The data is further protected by the fact that it cannot be accessed by anyone in its raw form, and is only visible as an anonymized count.

What is the bottom line on GivePanel and Meta Pixels?

Meta Pixels are one of the safest ways to pass data for conversions from an app to your Facebook Ads Manager. The data is completely anonymized and aggregated automatically, and it cannot be directly accessed in its raw form. They are also a great way to see which of your Facebook Ads is delivering fundraisers, or even which of your Facebook Ads is delivering fundraisers with the most donations. This information is completely isolated per GivePanel customer, and cannot be shared between clients, ever.