How to Create and Post a Message on a fundraiser's Facebook fundraising page

In the below video we talk about how you can message your Fundraisers.


Step 1 - Create a Message Template

  • Go to Account Settings > Messages
  • Click the "Add New Template" button
  • Give your Message Template a name (this will not be public)
  • Create a short, personal message
  • Use the [Firstname /] short code to dynamically insert the first name of the fundraiser
  • Use emojis if you can
  • If you want to add a data capture form to your message see here

Step 2 - Post the Message

If your Facebook page has been moved over to the new page experience, the steps you'll need to thank your fundraisers might be slightly different. For those that can't see the box for posting your thank you message when on a fundraiser, we have created some updated steps here

  • Go to Fundraisers on the left hand menu
  • Find the fundraiser you want to message and click to open their fundraiser record
  • Click the Message button
  • Select the Message template from the list of Messages. When you do this it will copy the message to the clip board on your computer and open the fundraiser's page in a new tab ready for you to paste and post the message
  • Click in the box to post on the fundraiser's page and hit Ctrl+V to paste the message
  • We recommend you do not add images since in testing we have found it reduces response
  • Click Post to post the message
  • Close the Facebook page so you are back on the GivePanel tab
  • Click the label to track that you have sent the message to that fundraiser
  • Click Save