How to find the right Facebook report and upload it into GivePanel [New Page Experience]

Note: This article is the process for Facebook pages that have migrated over to New Pages Experience, if that hasn't been done or if this doesn't look familiar you may need to use the Older Method.

There are two ways you can upload the Facebook Transaction data into your GivePanel account. 

You can use the the single day importer or you can upload a Facebook Multi Day Transaction Report. In this help article we will cover how to find and upload the Facebook Multi Day Transaction Report for those that have had their Facebook Page migrated over to the new page experience

Here is how to find the transaction report from within Facebook:

Step 1 – Select ‘Fundraisers’ located at the the top of your charity’s page. Then ''Donation settings'' from the drop down over on the right.

step 1-1

Step 2 – Click on ''Get Donation Reports''

step 2

Step 3 – Select ''Multi-day transaction report'' and choose your desired date range. Add in the email address that you would like this report to be sent to and select ''Email Reports''

**Don’t forget there can be a delay from when a transaction happens to when it will populate in the transaction data.**

step 3

Step 4 - Log into your GivePanel account and click "Add new data",

Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 11.52.01 AM

Step 5 - Click "Manual Upload"

Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 11.52.16 AM

Step 6 - Tick the box agreeing the report has not been modified.

**Make sure you don't edit or even open the Multi-day Transaction report before you upload it into GivePanel otherwise the platform will reject the file.**  

Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 11.52.22 AM

Step 7 - Click "click" to choose and upload your file. 

Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 11.52.44 AM

A green banner will pop up on the top of your screen saying your data was uploaded successfully.

If you would like more information on what data is contained within the report, you can read our simple guide to Facebook Fundraising Transaction reports here!