How To Import JustGiving Data Into GivePanel

Once you have set up the JustGiving App and integrated this with GivePanel, GivePanel will automatically import donations and fundraising pages that are made after the JustGiving app is installed, the import will take place at 5am UK time each day.

Historical data prior to installing the app will not be imported automatically but you can import data for up to the last 3 months using the single day importer.

1) Select "Add New Data" in the top right of GivePanel.

2) Click on ''JustGiving Import''.

Mr Magoo Charity

3) Select Date Range and click Import Now.

You can then select the date range of JustGiving data that you'd like to import into GivePanel. Click ''Import Now'' to start the import, you will see a success message when the import is complete.

Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 10.42.04