How to process Gift Aid using GivePanel

Issues to know about before you start:

Disclaimer: Please do NOT take this as official guidance from HMRC. The following is based on our understanding from talking to GivePanel clients in the UK.

1) HMRC are advising nonprofits not to claim Gift Aid, from what we understand this is linked to the ability to keeping an audit trail. We have more information here.

2) Quite a few nonprofits have reported seeing Gift Aid set as yes in their transaction report (also identified by a number 1) but when they explore the report in more detail, there isn't any address present. We have more information on this here

Exporting the data:

There are 2 ways to export your data from GivePanel (export to CSV or Report Builder). Here are the steps for exporting specifically Gift Aid data from GivePanel.

Export to CSV.

  1. Head to your ''Donations Section'' in GivePanel
  2. Set the date range you want to see data for using the date selector in the top right
  3. Click on ''Filters'' to expand ''Filters''
  4. Select only with ''Only with Gift Aid'' from the dropdown titled ''Other'' (now only donors who have stated their donation is eligible for Gift Aid will be shown)
  5. Click ''Export to CSV''
  6. Your report will download

Export using Report Builder

  • Head to your ''Account Settings'' 
  • Head to ''Reports''
  • ''Add New Report''
  • Make sure to select donations report not fundraisers report.
  • As well as the details of the Donor e.g. name and address, make sure ''Donation Gift Aid'' is selected as an option

Got an update for us? Or is your charity doing something differently? 

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