How to see the income for your Facebook event (e.g. a Facebook Challenge)

There are two ways to get this information and they will produce slightly different results. Both rely on fundraisers having the correct event applied.

The Quick Way - Fundraisers Table

  • Go to "Fundraisers" on the left hand menu
  • Select the date range from the date picker (top right of the screen)
  • Click the pink "Filters" button
  • Filter by the Event you want the income for
  • At the bottom of the screen under the table you will see number of fundraisers and total raised
  • This will give the total amount raised by all the fundraisers coding to this event that started during the date range

The Precise Way - Donations Report

  • Follow instructions here
  • This will give the total amount of donations for an event that came in during the date range. As such it will differ to the fundraisers table method above. For more on why these two data sets are different please see this help article.