How to use postcode look up on Event Forms

You might not see this in your GivePanel account as it is still in beta.

You might not see this in your GivePanel account as it is still in beta. You can request this feature by sending an email to While in beta this currently only works on event forms in UK nonprofit accounts.)

What Is Post Code Look Up?

Postcode Lookup is a tool that helps to ensure accurate and reliable post code searches, it means when your supporters are filling out your event form, they won't have to type out their whole address. They simply:

  1. Enter their post code.
  2. They are then greeted with a list of possible addresses with that post code, they choose theirs and it adds itself to the form, saving them time.

How to place it on your event form:

1) Head to your account settings and navigate to the ''Forms'' tab.

2) If you are wanting to add post code Look up to an existing form, find the form in the list of forms and click on it, alternatively if you are wanting to create a new form, select ''Add New Form''.

3) When in the form, tick the box ''Activate Address Lookup''.

4) After saving the form, post code look up will now be activated on your event form. 

5) When someone goes to fill out the form, they will now be able to search for their post code which in turn will show them a list of addresses that have that post code.

6) When they select their address from the drop down of possible addresses, this will populate the form with the address, saving them time.