Improved Registration Forms with 1-Click Fundraiser Activation

You can now use a brand new event registration form - event registration with 1-click fundraiser activation.

This is different to the original event registration form. Now supporters can activate their fundraiser at the same time as they submit their details. Previously, they couldn’t take both actions together.

What’s also different from the original process is that you must have a 1-click Custom Facebook Fundraiser set up as part of your event for it to work. But the most important changes to note are:

  • 70% of your registrations for an event will activate a fundraiser
  • 100% of fundraisers will be matched to their registration details
  • 100% of wasted starter packs can be avoided

What will I need to do differently to enable this new event registration form?

  1. You build a 1-click Custom Facebook Fundraiser as part of your event
  2. You build a event registration form (selecting ''Event Registration with 1-Click'') and then add in your desired inputs

Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 16.41.18


How will this change my supporter experience during event registration?

  1. Your supporters will be able to Submit & Activate a Fundraiser at the same time as they submit the event registration form.
  2. They will also be able to choose to Submit without Activating a Fundraiser Yet. This can be removed.
  3. If they choose this option, they will be prompted to contact you for an activation link. You’ll find this activation link under Custom Fundraiser Creation in your Event.

How will this deliver an increase in fundraising pages created?

  1. A/B tests have shown that supporters are 20% more likely to activate their fundraiser using this new event registration form.
  2. Everyone who Submits & Activates a Facebook Fundraiser will have their fundraiser matched to their registration.
  3. Everyone who Submits without Activating a Fundraiser will be classed as an Unmatched Registration.
  4. Take your conversion to the next level by retargeting all Unmatched Registrations with a direct ask to create their fundraising page

How will this deliver savings on costs?

  1. Everyone who Submits without Activating a Fundraiser, and who does not ever take the action of activating one, can be omitted from your incentives list
  2. Previously, the model was to include all Registrations in your incentives list.
  3. Today, with improved segmentation, you can omit those people who refuse to fundraise as part of the challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Will the Fundraiser and Registration match automatically?
A. Yes. 🥳 

Q. We've already started recruitment for our challenge, can we turn this on halfway through recruitment or will it break my existing form links?

A. It is fine to turn this on, even if you have already started recruitment. The URL will remain the same, the only difference to the form will be when people visit the event form they will now see the option to ''Submit & Activate Fundraiser'' instead of just ''Submit''. 

If you have supporters who have already created a fundraiser using the custom facebook fundraiser link, they can still register. They just need to click ''Submit without activating a fundraiser yet''. Please note that a registration and fundraiser created in this manner would still require the matching process as normal.

Q. Which forms will this go on?

A. When enabled in your account, it will go on all event forms that are associated with an event that have a custom facebook fundraiser link enabled too. Those that don't have a custom