In-Memory Facebook Fundraisers

To help nonprofits to be Facebook-first in their approach to In-Memory fundraising, this is the first time people will be able to set up In-Memory fundraisers on Facebook.

The GivePanel In-Memory feature operates in the same creation process as our Custom Facebook Fundraisers

  • Fully customizable Facebook fundraisers for your supporters
  • Options to title pages as “In Memory of”, “In Tribute of”, or “In Honour of” depending on preference
  • Ability to set the end date for In-Memory fundraisers for up to 3 years
  • In-Memory Facebook Fundraiser Creation Link that nonprofits can use for their website, email, and social media campaigns
  • Book of Remembrance function where fundraisers will be able to capture messages to the loved ones of the deceased to commemorate their life
  • In-Memory event reporting in GivePanel

Example: In-Memory Signup Form Setup in GivePanel


Example: In-Memory Signup Form


Example: In-Memory Additional Data Form


Example: In-Memory Facebook Page


Example: In-Memory Facebook Page Post


How to get involved

We are currently trialing this new feature with a small number of our nonprofit customers, with the view to rolling this out further in the coming months. 

If you would like to find out more about GivePanel In-Memory and how this can benefit your fundraising efforts, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or book a time with Rob, our Head of Product, to run through how it works.

How it works

Once you've completed your onboarding with a member of the GivePanel team, the Beta In-Memory feature will be enabled in your account. Once enabled, you will see a new section appear in the left-hand navigation bar called ''In Memory''.

Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 13.22.12
  1. The first page of the In-Memory section is ''Signup Form Setup''. Here you can design the form that your supporters will be filling out to create In-Memory fundraisers, including the name of the supporter creating the fundraiser, and the name of their loved one for whom they are raising funds.
    If you are looking to capture registrations for your In-Memory event, you can link the In-Memory event to a registration form here too. Tying a registration form to your In-Memory event allows you to track registrations for that Event, and match fundraisers for the Event to the registration data that has been submitted.
  2. The second section is ''Custom Fundraiser Creation''. Here you can design how the fundraiser will look, including the cover image, end date, and fundraising target.
  3. The final section is ''Additional Data Form Setup''. Here you can capture additional information, including ''relationship to the deceased'', a message for a Book of Remembrance if you choose to offer this, and key dates such as the loved one's birthday.