Can someone who is not the fundraiser fill in GivePanel's data capture form?

GivePanel gives you the ability to create a dynamic data capture form for each individual fundraiser.

You post a link to this form on the fundraisers PUBLIC Facebook page and therefore you may be asking the question - can anyone fill in the form?

The technical answer is yes - there is nothing stopping anyone filling in the form. However in practice it is extremely rare that this happens. Why? For the following reasons:

  1. GivePanel pre-fills and "locks" (makes read only) the Facebook name field in the form. It would be unusual for someone to fill in a form that does not have their name in it.
  2. When someone fills in the fundraiser data capture form we lock it so that only one person can ever use it. 
  3. When you post a message with a form on the fundraiser's Facebook page they get a notification in Facebook - no one else does. 
  4. The reality is that not many people are visiting the fundraiser's Facebook page anyway.  

If you feel this has happened to one of your fundraisers, please just email support with the URL of the fundraiser and we can remove the data for you and unlock the form.