Issue with Campaign IDs in Excel

Facebook Campaign IDs are often over 15 characters and if Excel is not configured to read these in the right way Excel can mess around with the Facebook Campaign IDs.

What ends up happening is the last character of the Campaign ID in Excel is replace with a 0, thereby rendering it useless.

We believe this is actually what happens by default if you open the Facebook transaction report CSV in Excel I believe and is one of the main benefits of using GivePanel and why we don't allow you to open Facebook transaction reports before you upload them into GivePanel.

All GivePanel data is provided in CSV at present. This is not a GivePanel issue. 

There are a few solutions:

1. Use another spreadsheet software (Numbers on Mac does not have this issue for example). However we know this will be difficult for many of our clients who are on Windows based work computers.

2. Configure Excel to read the Campaign ID column correctly.