Facebook Issue With Donating

There are several known issues with Facebook Donate at the moment. Please subscribe to our status page for updates.

  • Some previous donations aren't showing on fundraiser totals
  • Multiple Currencies In Facebook Transaction Data
  • Reports of some donations not appearing in the transaction data
  • Some supporters have not been able to donate. (Meta have confirmed this should now be resolved)
  • Donations not showing on fundraiser page totals. (Meta have confirmed this should now be resolved for new donations and they are working to retroactively sort this for previously affected fundraising pages)


    We met with Meta yesterday evening who provided us with an update and some positive news on the donation issues. 

    We have updated the new Status Page (subscribers were notified immediately so please considering subscribing)

    Issue 1: Donations not appearing on fundraisers - resolved

    • The good news is a fix has been deployed for the fundraising progress bar on the fundraising page, it will now reflect all donations made to the page moving forward.
    • This was caused by changes made to the payment function in Facebook which resulted in the progress bar (fundraiser totals) not updating for some payments.
    • In order to fix the fundraising progress bars for fundraisers already affected in the past, database migrations are required.
    • Work has begun on the migration plan but there is a code freeze at Meta because of Christmas holidays.
    • These migrations are a top priority for early Q1 (January 2023 - March 2023)

    Issue 2: Some donations not appearing in transaction data

    • This bug is still under review.
    • Meta aren’t sure as to yet what is causing this to happen. We are actively supporting them with their investigations into this and have been sharing examples of this issue with them.

    Issue 3: Multiple payout currencies in transaction data

    • The fix for this has been less of a priority as there is a separate project to revamp the donations reporting which will reduce the transaction delay to a few hours and not days, they hope to roll this out Q1 (January 2023 - March 2023)
    • Potentially the separate project to revamp the reporting will resolve the issue with multiple payout currencies so they may ship that rather than resolve the current issue.

    Issue 4: Bank Payouts in Different Currencies

    • Meta have told us this should be resolved when Issue 3 is fixed. 

Reporting This To Meta

Meta have asked if you have received reports of a donation issue, please could you report this to the Meta Concierge Team - https://www.facebook.com/gpa/help