Issue With Facebook Payout Currency

Last Updated - 06.03.2023 Status: Now Resolved.

Some donations in older transaction data were coming through in transaction reports as payout currency USD, even if the donation currency is in the correct currency.
Facebook have confirmed this issue is resolved and no longer impacting new transaction data. Historical data is still impacted. (November 8th 2022 - December 16th 2022)

If your older data was impacted by this issue, we have shared some more information on how to reconcile the data with your bank payments

Please find the original update below:

We were alerted to an issue with the Facebook transaction data, specifically the payout currency of the donation (which we use to create your fundraising totals) is being changed to a different, non local currency which when uploaded into GivePanel will update your totals into this non local currency. 

From reports received this was happening to nonprofits in the following country's:

  • Australia - the facebook transaction reports are now showing donations in USD as apposed to AUD
  • Canada - the facebook transaction reports are now showing donations in USD as apposed to CAD

We understand you will still want to upload the data into your account so you can continue thanking your fundraisers, this is absolutely fine to do but as the data has changed, when this is uploaded into your account you will start to see your totals changing too. e.g. For Australian charities, totals will now be in USD until Facebook updates the transaction reports and the updated data is then uploaded into your account. 

Recommended next steps:

1) To ensure all the data you need to report on is consistent and in the same payout currency, we would recommend re uploading a fresh Facebook multi day transaction report for the time period you're going to be reporting on. This will ensure all income that is in the Facebook reports that has been changed to USD will show in your GivePanel account as USD, this will prevent your combined total being a mix of AUD / CAD & USD.

2) We will let you know here in this help article and via email when this has been fixed, you can also check the payout currency column of your facebook multi day transaction reports, if this is showing as your local currency, this has been fixed. 

What else are we doing:

  • We have reported this to Facebook directly, the accuracy of your fundraising totals is incredibly important to us and we are doing everything we can to get this resolved for you. They hope to have this updated later in the year as they had to roll back certain elements of the reporting to resolve other issues that came to light. 
  • We will be introducing new totals into accounts, this will mean if the data that you upload contains multiple currencies, this will show you a breakdown of the different currency's you have in your account.
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