[Beta] New Email Triggers Based On Amount Raised

Trigger emails based on how much your supporters have raised.

If your account has the beta email functionality enabled, you can apply to use our brand-new Segmented Email Journeys for Facebook Challenges. Please find our application form here.

The new email triggers will enable you to send emails to supporters based on how much they have raised. For example, send x email to supporters when they have raised $50. 

Ryan from the support team explains how these new triggers work in the below video.


  1. Head to account settings.
  2. Navigate to events > desired event > email journeys.
  3. Fill out the following in the section ''Email Journey Settings''. This includes:
    1. from name 
    2. from email (this needs to be an email address that we have verified the domain for. Not sure? Please contact support@givepanel.com)
    3. reply to email
  4. Once this information has been added, you can start to build out your email journeys. You can personalize the content of your emails with the following shortcodes; simply drag and drop the shortcodes where you'd like the personalization to appear in the body of the email:
    1. [Firstname /]
    2. [Lastname /]
    3. [Email /]
    4. [EventTitle /]
    5. [CampaignID /] (Available for matched registrations)
    6. [FundraisersPageURL /] (Available for matched registrations)
  5. You can use the following options to trigger emails:
    1. Number of days e.g. x days after a supporter registered using a GivePanel event form or x days after event start date (event start date is set in account settings > event details)
    2. If matched to a fundraiser, which means the registration is matched to a fundraiser record in your GivePanel. 
    3. Amount raised so far, including options for $0, $50, $100, $500, and custom amount. Target amounts use localized currency - e.g. £ for the UK, $ for US. New
  6. Once you're happy with the email, select ''Activate Email'' and ''Save''.
  7. When do our emails send? The time that emails send will now differ depending on which country you are based in:
      • US - 4pm BST
      • AUS - 12am BST
      • UK & Europe - 11am BST
      • Emails that are triggered based on amount raised so far, will be sent hourly. NEW

Would you like to use these new triggers in your account? Please find our application form here.

Any questions, please contact support@givepanel.com