The GivePanel x JustGiving Integration

This new Integration allows your Supporters to choose where they want to Fundraiser.

This feature is in Beta, meaning this integration is new and we are still working on improvements and new features. We not only welcome, but encourage feedback, please feel free to share your thoughts with us at If you have a specific feature request, please fill out this form.

To access this feature, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or GivePanel Support at

The GivePanel x JustGiving Integration will allow you to give your supporters the option to create their Fundraiser with JustGiving or Facebook.

Once the JustGiving Integration is activated in your account, you will notice 3 main changes: 

1. You will have the "JustGiving" option in your Main Menu:

Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 11.57.58 AMThis is where you will find all your Supporters who have created a JustGiving Fundraiser through your "Event Registration with 1- Click" form. 

NOTE: As of the moment, Organic JustGiving fundraisers (Fundraisers created on JustGiving, that are not attached to GivePanel) can not be imported in to GivePanel. 

2. The "Event Registration with 1-click" form will now have 2 options to create a Fundraiser: 

Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 11.49.20 AM

These options can be turned off in the Form settings, to create either a Facebook first form or a JustGiving first form, but make sure you don't turn off both of them! 

Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 2.58.30 PM

3. If you click "Hide JustGiving Submit Button" and your Supporter clicks "Submit without Activating Fundraiser yet" they will be given the option to Activate their Fundraiser on JustGiving: 

This was developed due to research suggesting that a minority of Supporters choose to "Submit without Activating Fundraiser yet" because they don't want to Fundraise on Facebook

Our Product Manager, David Burns, goes over these changes in this detailed video:

Getting Started with GivePanel x JustGiving!

What you need:

1. Your JustGiving Charity ID - you can find your JustGiving Charity ID by logging into your JustGiving charity account. Click on Settings, and then click on Edit Charity Details.


2. Your JustGiving Event ID - Once you build an Event on JustGiving, you will be sent an email with the JustGiving Event ID. Alternatively, you can get the Event ID by logging into your JustGiving Charity account, clicking "Events and Widgets", then "View and Promote Events." Here you will see a list of Events displayed with Event IDs under each one.

Next steps: 

1. Go to GivePanel and Sign in. Navigate to "Account Settings" -> "Integrations" -> Add your JustGiving Charity ID 

Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 3.14.08 PM

2. Stay in "Account Settings" and navigate to "Events" -> "Event Details". Here you will find a field title "JustGiving Event", enter your JustGiving Event ID here. 

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 11.23.11 AM

You have now successfully Integrated your GivePanel account with JustGiving! 

Your Supporter's Journey:

"Activate your Fundraiser on JustGiving"

Three easy steps to creating a JustGiving Fundraiser:

Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 7.35.31 PM

"Submit without Activating Fundraiser yet" 

Four simple steps to guide your supporters in creating a JustGiving Fundraiser, as a second option:

Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 7.28.50 PM

Following the above journeys, the Supporter will receive a success message and be redirected to their Fundraiser: 

Your Supporter can customize their page by clicking their name in the top right corner then "Fundraising", this will bring them to their "Active pages" where they can click "Edit" to change the page title, fundraising target, cover photo, page summary and more!

NOTE: We are currently looking into ways that you can customize your Supporter's Fundraising Page, see note below!


Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 6.23.31 PM


Why do I need a JustGiving Event for this Integration?

Our JustGiving Beta is aimed at improving your GivePanel Challenge performance with new features. The Beta depends on you building a JustGiving Event for each GivePanel Challenge. 

Your JustGiving Event should match your GivePanel Event as closely as possible. Use the same titles, descriptions, start dates, end dates, and cover photos.

NOTE: We have received feedback that integrating with the JustGiving Campaign vs. the JustGiving Event will give Charities more control over Branding on Fundraiser's pages, we are working on making this happen. Stay tuned! 

What will change for our supporters?

Your supporters will now be able to create JustGiving fundraisers using the "Event Registration with 1-Click" form. You’ll have a choice in where they see this option. When building your "Event Registration with 1-Click" form, you can choose from 1 of 3 supporter journeys:

  1. Multiple Options - Supporters can choose to either Create a Facebook Fundraiser or a JustGiving Fundraiser! 

  2. Facebook 1st, JustGiving 2nd - Supporters see an initial choice of "Submit and Activate a Fundraiser on Facebook" or "Submit without Activating a Fundraiser yet"

    If they choose "Submit without Activating a Fundraiser yet", they are prompted to activate on JustGiving. Unlike Facebook, JustGiving allows your Supporter to choose when other people see their Fundraiser. Not being able to control their Fundraiser's visibility, is a major reason why people often choose to "Submit without Activating a Fundraiser yet".

  3. JustGiving 1st, Facebook 2nd - Supporters see an initial choice of "Submit and Activate a Fundraiser on JustGiving" or "Submit without Activating a Fundraiser yet".

    If they choose to "Submit without Activating a Fundraiser yet", they are reminded no one can see their fundraiser unless they share it. If they still choose to "Activate Later" they are prompted to copy your "Custom Facebook Fundraiser" link. 

Will our JustGiving supporters get emails from JustGiving?

Yes, if your Supporter claims their page they will receive email notifications for each new donation from JustGiving! They also have the option to opt in to other emails from JustGiving when signing up. 

Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 8.01.47 PM

Can I send emails & SMS to our JustGiving supporters from GivePanel?

Yes, because these supporters registered while using the "Event Registration with 1-click" form. Our email and SMS tools work for all registered supporters, including JustGiving fundraisers.

Using our new email options, "If NOT Claimed JustGiving Page" & "If Claimed JustGiving Page" you can now segment your emails by Unclaimed or Claimed JustGiving Pages 

Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 8.09.31 PM

Include the short code [UnclaimedPageURL / ] in these emails to generate claim links for supporters who started fundraisers, but haven't claimed their page yet. This allows them to have full access and control of their page. 

Can our supporters create both a JustGiving and Facebook Fundraiser at registration? 

No, supporters cannot create pages on both platforms while using the "Event Registration with 1-click" form.

This is a conscious design choice because having 2 pages can create confusion. From interviewing supporters, we concluded that each platform should be a stand-alone option because having one page makes it easier for Fundraisers to remember:

  • The link they should share
  • The place they should post photos
  • How many donors & donations they have

What is an unclaimed fundraiser page? Can supporters claim their JustGiving Fundraiser at a later date?

"Unclaimed" Page means the Supporter dropped off before Signing in/up for JustGiving. They have successfully created a fundraiser, but have no access to it. 

"Claimed" Page means the Supporter completed the whole JustGiving Journey. This enables them to receive email updates from JustGiving on donation activity and allows them to personalize their fundraiser through their JustGiving account.

If they didn't claim their JustGiving Fundraiser page when they first created it, you can send them the claim link to do this at a later date using our new email triggers (see next question). If you need to find an individuals ''JustGiving Claim URL'', it  is located on near the end of the JustGiving fundraiser record in GivePanel.

Can I see our JustGiving activity in GivePanel?

You’ll be able to see the following JustGiving activity in GivePanel:

  1. Registration records for supporters who created a JustGiving fundraiser with the "Event Registration with 1-Click" form.

  2. Fundraiser records for supporters who created a JustGiving fundraiser with the "Event Registration with 1-Click" form.

  3. The total amount raised will be included on the JustGiving fundraiser records and the total number of donations the fundraiser has received, but not each individual donation. We will be bringing that level of detail with the next phase of our Beta.

Can I see our GivePanel activity in JustGiving?

Yes, you will see all donation details and fundraising pages from supporters who created a JustGiving fundraiser using GivePanel.

By creating a JustGiving Event that matches your GivePanel Challenge, you’ll also be able to see the total amount raised as part of that Event on JustGiving and be able to export all of the Event's fundraising and donation details to enter into your CRM.

Can I turn off the changes at any point?

Yes, we’ve built our JustGiving Beta to be risk-free. So if you want to go back to the standard functionality at any point, you can do it by sending an email to You won’t need to change any links in your supporter journey or your group.