Real Time Donations For Custom Facebook Fundraisers

When real time donations first come into your account, they are slightly different to the other donations that you'll be used to - they come in to your account without a donor name and without a payout currency. 

They actually come into your account with the currency they were donated in, so you might have seen several totals at the bottom of the fundraiser section instead of one grand total.

Usually when you upload data from Facebook, your totals would update in the payout currency stated in the Facebook data - this is what you are paid in.

Whereas realtime donations when they first come into your account, there isn't a payout currency in the data so they come in as the currency they were donated in.

When you upload new transaction data from Facebook, this adds in the names of the donors to the realtime donations and also converts the currency to the payout currency.

Donations made to your Custom Facebook Fundraisers will now appear in your revenue graph in the dashboard in real time:

1) Only fundraisers created through a Custom Facebook Fundraiser link will have their donations appear in the revenue graph in real time.

2) The revenue graph updates in real time (no page refresh required).

3) The Total Raised & Total Donations will increase as well (this requires a page refresh while in V1).

4) The donations received will show in the donations section too, they will not have any donor name as Facebook do not provide donor name for real time donations. When you next upload Facebook Transaction data, the names will be added.

5) We only accept real time donations if a fundraiser is already in GivePanel - if not the donations aren't pulled in through real time but they will be included when that day's Facebook Transaction data is imported.