Reconciling Payout Reports

Reconciling Facebook Payout reports is a financial process.

We've had reports that multiple Non Profits using Meta Pay have received a larger than normal payout due to receiving a payout report for a full month period instead of a two week period. This may affect reconciliation.

Facebook Charitable Giving Tools works with a number of different payment providers but the main one is Facebook own payments. GivePanel currently only works with Facebook's payment system.

Facebook runs 2 payouts every month for transactions (donations) between:

1) 1st to 15th of the month 
2)16th to last day of the month

Payment then comes into your charity bank account after at least 2 weeks plus transfer time. Around 1 month after the transaction.

Organisations have the following systems that they need to “reconcile” for finance. 

  • A finance system separate to their CRM
  • A CRM which is also their finance system

Most organizations then do the following:

  1. Enter the payout as a lump sum on their finance system
  2. Soft credit Fundraisers against this lump sum using a GivePanel report
  3. There will then be a difference/gap which is simple coded generically ie “general Facebook Fundraising”

To check which donations in GivePanel are in which Facebook payout period, all you need to do is create a GivePanel donations report for the same time frame as the facebook payout period you desire. 

  1. 1st to 15th of the month
  2. 16th to last day of the month

This GivePanel donations report will then include all the donations for that particular payout period. You can also use the same GivePanel donations report to cross reference the total shown in a Facebook Payout report.