Recording Donations on your Database or CRM

Here are broadly two very different types of donors: 

1. People who have donated to support their friend. These people may or may not have an affinity to your cause.

2. People who have donated directly. These can be assumed to have affinity to your cause.

Most GivePanel clients can only add records to their CRM or database if they have two data points - a name and a way to contact them. Facebook gives you the name of every donor and this is stored in GivePanel. So the question becomes - what donor contact details are there? You have the following donor contact details in GivePanel:
  • All countries - Every donor is asked on the donation thank you page on Facebook if they want to go on your email list. If they tick that box to indicate yes then you get their email address (less than 2% of donors tick the box). 
  • Just UK - based on our studies on average 42% of UK donors opt-in for Gift Aid and when they do you get their postal address (not consent for marketing)
  • Spain and Germany - you get an email for EVERY donation (email receipt – not consent for marketing)
Here are some questions you may want to ask:
  • Should we add donors who have actively asked to be added to our email list? (we think you should if you can!)
  • Do you want to import contact details for those donors who may not have affinity for your organisation? (they were just sponsoring a friend)
  • (UK only) If we have the address for Gift Aid can we use them for marketing based on legitimate interest?
  • What data should we add for future fundraising analysis?