Recording Fundraiser Records on your Database or CRM

Fundraisers are a very important audience since they are the KEY SUPPORTERS of your organization. Therefore you will want to capture as much of their information as possible and have it in your database/CRM.

However you don’t get full details for 100% of fundraisers.

Charities need a minimum amount of data to add a fundraiser record to their database/CRM (ie postcode, email etc). The most common is “a name and a way to contact them”. Some charities (with SMALL numbers of fundraisers) are able to store every single fundraiser (based on Facebook name and campaign ID) This is not very common though.

Most GivePanel clients store how much a fundraiser has raised but only do this when they have contact details (ie using GivePanel data capture form in “on page” thank you messages.

Here is the process most GivePanel clients follow:

  1. Upload Facebook Transaction Report into GivePanel
  2. GivePanel creates records for Fundraisers
  3. Facebook data is “enriched” with contact details, events and internal codes
  4. If you want to record income for an event you should update the event on each fundraiser. GivePanel event registration forms do this automatically, but manual coding is required for fundraisers that do not register. 
  5. You create a Fundraiser Report in GivePanel’s Report Builder every week, two weeks or month (depending on your process) 
  6. You import Fundraiser report in your CRM/Database (each charity has to decide what is the minimum level of data needed to add a record to their CRM/Database)

Some organisations don’t have that many fundraisers and their CRM is a pain for importing so they just do it manually.

Right now Donate Button Posts are ignored by most charities as most of them are private on Facebook. Some charities will try and find the names for the public ones and import them as fundraisers.