Registrations Section and Event Forms

In this Help Article you can find out more information on what it is for and how to use it.

The registration section can be found in the left hand navigation of your account under ''registrations''.

With the rise in the Facebook Challenge Model where organisations are recruiting Facebook Fundraisers by asking people to take part in a virtual challenge, we developed a new section in GivePanel called registrations to help make managing this process easier. 

By using GivePanel forms for Registrations it opens up a world of possibilities because now your Facebook transaction data is in the same place as your event data. One example of this is the HUGE time saving matching functionality that we’ll come onto shortly.

In your account you have the option to create a second type of form, called the ‘’Request Event Registration’’ form. These forms are different to the ‘’Request Fundraiser Details’’ forms already in your account because the event forms URL can be put anywhere e.g. at the top of your challenge’s Facebook group to capture registrations. 

These forms are also linked to your event so when a registration comes into your GivePanel account, it is automatically associated with this event. The forms have been crafted in a way that make them feel like native Facebook forms (So they convert better from Groups) This is also why they are getting a 93% conversion rate - that is 93% of those people that open the form complete it!

When you receive a form completion, the registration goes into your registration section, it is here you can view all of your registrations and export the data on your registrations using the ''export to csv button'', please find our help article with more information on how to export data on your registrations

You can also run something called matching, this means that if one of your supporters has registered for your Facebook challenge and has also created a Facebook fundraiser, the registration and fundraiser will match.

Subsequently, the registration data will automatically populate on the fundraiser record in GivePanel and the fundraiser will be coded up with the associated event automatically. This also means that you can easily filter by those that have registered for your event and created a fundraiser and those that haven't. 

More information on how the matching works can be found in our help article.

We have pulled together some of our favourite resources from our website that include best practice and top tips for running your own Facebook Challenge: