Segmenting Registrations

Can I segment registrations by those who haven't created a fundraiser?


You might want to segment your registrations by those that haven't created a fundraiser so you can reach out to them and invite them to create a fundraiser.

While there isn't a filter for this at present, the closest way to do this is to head to the ''Registrations'' section and apply the filter ''not yet matched'' this means that these registrations haven't matched with a fundraiser.

Here's how to segment by registrations that haven't yet matched to a fundraiser. 

1) Head to Registrations

2) Expand Filters

3) Select ''Not Matched Yet''

The likelihood is this segment of people will be showing as ''not yet matched'' because they have't created a fundraiser yet, this doesn't guarantee this though and here's why:

  • They could for example have created a fundraiser which is in your account but if you haven't run matching for that day, then they won't be showing in this segment. 
  • Alternatively, they might have created a fundraiser which isn't in your account yet. 

This is something to keep in mind when creating communication campaigns asking this segment to create a fundraiser. e.g. you might want to frame the ask in a way that references ''in case you haven't set up your fundraiser yet'' just in case they have created their fundraiser but it hasn't made it into your account yet. 

You can mitigate this by inviting your supporters to create a fundraiser using the custom facebook fundraiser link as fundraisers created using this link, go into your account immediately. 

Providing your matching is up to date, the majority of registrations will be in this segment because they haven't created a fundraiser yet.